About us

Welcome to our website.

We are a private club of trainees and enthusiasts from Ústí nad Labem and its surroundings. We are interested in various martial arts in their true and real essence, including philosophy, history and other related disciplines.

Our goal is to study and to learn about martial arts, not adapted for sporting performances or film production.

We cooperate with clubs and organizations such as the „Český svaz karate FSKA z.s.“ Česká Lípa, „NI-YAMA“ České Budějovice, „PŘÍMÁ STEZKA, z.s.“ České Budějovice, „KAMIKAZE Karategi CZ, v.o.s.“ Mladá Boleslav, Karate klub Litvínov, Karate Jirkov and others.


From our activity:

  • children’s karate rings and self-defense rings
  • children’s karate camps in Jinolic (KAMIKAZE Karategi CZ, v.o.s., Mladá Boleslav)
  • private lessons and courses of self-defense for children and adults
  • self-defense education within the Third Age University (U3V UJEP)
  • help ensure security at various events (concerts, balls, car races …)
  • … and more.


If you have a question, write. Or just come with us to train yourself with us.


Dento Budo